Monatsarchive: September 2006

Links on creating distributed enterprise systems

In the process of preparing my current J2EE application for clustering and distributed services to achive scalability and availability, I will collect links to interesting articles and concepts about this topic here: • Building Effective Enterprise Distributed Software Systems •Clustering … Weiterlesen

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Caching with Smarty and dynamic blocks

Today I wanted to enable Caching for my smarty-driven, at least for the front page, because this is the page with most pageviews and due to some heavy db-queries reponse times sometimes where more than 3 seconds, which is … Weiterlesen

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Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator

In der Softwarebranche unerlässlich ist ein umfangreicher Wortschatz an Highlevel-Bullshit-Nonsense: Hilfe bekommt man hier:

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