A software system is only as good as easy it is to setup its development environment

… you get the idea.

After having spent almost an entire day to help our new developer to get setup his development environment containing the source code, eclipse, svn, appserver, database, user accounts I made a new resolution for every system I will build in the future:

The system about to be built:

  • has to have a development environment which can be setup within less than an hour from a single location / disc, automatically
  • to do this it has to use sensible defaults –> customization can happen later on a case by case basis
  • the developer has to start working with it right away
  • build and deployment on local environment has to happen automatically. required appservers etc. have to be part of the stuff installed ealier

I started developing with Ruby On Rails about 3 month ago and launched my first project a few days ago, I realized that the ROR already have taken those things into account. Everything is bundled inside the project folder and after checking it out from the SVN you are ready to go by just typing „script/server“ in the command line. Same for setup „rails myProject“

I just started with Rails out of curiosity but I already love the way I can develop my ideas and web-projects. Besides that I love to develop in JAVA and currently in the field of OSGI on the server-side and there we basically need the ease of use and the spirit of Rails.

Ok, I switched a bit between topics, so I try to conclude my new years resolution:

„I want to build systems which solve complex tasks, and are easy to setup, fun to develop and fun to use.“

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