Eclipse PDE Build: Unable to find plugin XYZ

Today I had the problem that suddenly my headless Eclipse PDE Build process wasn’t working anymore as soon as I added a new Bundle project to my feature.xml.

[java] /Applications/eclipse_3.5RC3/plugins/org.eclipse.pde.build_3.5.0.v20090527-1800/scripts/genericTargets.xml:106: Unable to find plug-in: bundlexyz

I first thought there is something wrong with the plugins MANIFEST.MF, but everything was ok.
It turned out that the new project I have created was in the wrong folder.

All my other bundle projects are inside a folder locally under /development/repo/myproject/plugins/bundle123 there is also my main ant build.xml.
and my Eclipse is under /development/workspace/ and
links to the repo folder.
Now, when I had created my new bundle project (which PDE Build complains about now) by accident I had forgotton to change the the location. I should have unchecked the checkbox „Use default location“ put the new plugin into /development/repo/myproject/plugins/bundlexyz instead of under my workspace folder.

1. Right click on your project and choose „Refactor > Move“
2. Choose the folder  /development/repo/myproject/plugins/bundle

After that change PDE Build stoppped complaining.

Remember: When using headless PDE Build, you have to put new plugins into the same location as all your other plugins. In Eclipse UI it will work, but in headless mode on the command line it will not work.

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