New Google Analytics Dashboard Layout: the opposite of a dashboard?

New Dashboard – less useful

Old Dashboard – more useful

This question in the Google Analytics help forum with the title „New Layout: the opposite of a dashboard?“ nails down my opinion about the new Google Analytics. While I generally like the new glossy design which google rolls out throughout all of their apps I feel that the new Analytics dashboard is a huge step backwards especially in terms of usability. It seems Google in this specific case has not understood how people use analytics.

While researching I also came across this article where they say that this feature was ‚lost‘ and they are ‚working on it‘ (my favorite quote of every company’s support crew 😉 ).

To summarize: I really hope that the old dashboard will make it into the new Analytics, otherwise I will use the old version as long as possible. If you feels so too, please tweet, vote or take part in the discussions to make GA useful again.



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