Great resources on solving OSGi „Uses“ constraint violations

I recently had the „famous“ „uses“ constraint violation when building my OSGI application with PDE Build. It was complaining about:

Package uses conflict: Import-Package: javax.mail; version=“1.4.1″

The following resources have helped me locating the root cause and understanding the problem:

In my case the culprit was the following effect:

  • one bundle was doing a Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.osgi which is also referred to as the „OSGI system“ bundle. According to the first article in Java 6 it automatically exports some core packages of the JDK / JRE into the classpath like javax.activation
  • The problem was that in our OSGI target platform we also had the jar com.springsource.javax.activation-1.1.1.jar which also exports javax.activation
  • The bundle which caused the problem seems to need something from javax.activation (most likely through the import-package of javax.mail and OSGI was not able to resolve this dependency because javax.activation was exported from two sources (JDK because of Require-bundle: org.eclipse.osgi and the jar com.springsource.javax.activation-1.1.1.jar)


  • Modify MANIFEST.MF
  • replace Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.osgi with Import-package: org.osgi.framework

After that change the build was successful again.


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